Men For This Day

"Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness....."  -  Exodus 18:21

As our culture continues to implode around us, the man-crisis that we are currently in continues to rear its ugly head.  Because it is resoundingly true that "as the man goes, so does the home and the church," we desire to come alongside of your church and your men to encourage, challenge, and strengthen them to choose This Day to live lives that are all in for Christ with no regrets.  

If we can be of help to the men at your church, let us know by contacting us at .

"Jon Couch and This Day Ministries have been a huge blessing to me and to our men's ministry at First Baptist Church of Tampa.  Jon has encouraged me in a personal way, praying for me, and challenging me to pray more consistently and with greater confidence.  He has also encouraged and challenged our men through the preaching of the Word at our men's breakfast earlier this year.  We will be inviting Jon back, and often.  He is great friend to our church as well as a really gifted preacher, leader, teacher and mentor."

- Boe Ellis, Pastor of Missions and Discipleship, First Baptist Church Tampa, Tampa, FL

"Jon Couch desires to encourage men to find their purpose and strength in our Lord. This Day Ministries commits to being relevant to speaking to men concerning their responsibilities, temptations, and challenges.  Jon speaks passionately, honestly, and biblically to men on how to experience Godly victory in their lives and families.  Jon loves men and our Lord in way that inspires those he speaks to as well as those he lives with day to day to want more in their walk with Jesus.  Jon's faith, humility, and authentic lifestyle will inspire your men.  I recommend Jon as a man and a preacher for your church and your men's ministry."

- Gary Payne, Executive Pastor and Men's Ministry, Bell Shoals Baptist Church, Brandon, FL

"I just wanted to pass along some words of encouragement to you. I have heard many, many comments regarding the message you delivered to our men this past weekend. I appreciate you taking the time to minister to the men of our church. Keep up the great work and know we are here if you need us. "

- David Whitten, Senior Pastor Fish Hawk Fellowship Church, Lithia, FL

"It is without reservation that I highly recommend Jon Couch and his ministry to your church!  He is without question a man of integrity and a passion for people!!  Jon will not only bless your church, but he will challenge your church, especially your men!  His enthusiasm is contagious!! Don't miss out on letting God use His servant Jon in your church!"

- Ronnie Hill, Evangelist, Fort Worth, TX