"...choose This Day whom you will serve..."  - Joshua 24:14 - 15

Pulpit. Radio. Discipleship.

 Turning church attenders into disciples    of Jesus that make disciples of Jesus.

Discipleship For This Day

"So likewise, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple." - Luke 14;;33

‚ÄčOne of our deepest passions here at This Day Ministries is true biblical discipleship.  As the above Barna infographic reveals, the startling reality of where we currently are in regards to discipleship in the American church creates confusion and many questions continue to loom on the horizon: 

*What is discipleship?

*How can my church implement effective discipleship?

*Is discipleship even necessary?

Our 4-Part training "Unlocking Biblical Discipleship" will not only educate your church on what true biblical discipleship is and what it isn't, but your church will be stirred and motivated to turn church attenders into disciples of Jesus that make disciples of Jesus.

Let us know at info@thisdayministries.org how Pastor Jon can come alongside of your church today in raising up disciples of Jesus Christ.

"Your most effective and sustainable evangelistic effort in your church today is a focus on intentional biblical discipleship.  Without it you still may gather a bunch of people in a room on a Sunday morning, but God didn't call you to be a gatherer, He called you to be a discipler." 

- Jon Couch