"...choose This Day whom you will serve..."  - Joshua 24:14 - 15

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"For their rock is not like our Rock." - Deuteronomy 32:31

Each Strength For This Day radio broadcast is under 3 minutes in length and we pray that through this condensed format that you will be encouraged, strengthened, and challenged to live for God like never before.

To listen to the Strength For This Day Radio Broadcasts, simply click on the audio files below.

God's Word Is The Lamp

The Autopsy

Trials, Pain, Heartache

Rise Up Man of God!

Nothing But Jesus

It's High Time

When Was The Last Time?

Peace At Any Cost?

Identity Crisis

Fear Of The Future

Why Is God Allowing Me To Suffer?

Do You Want To Leave A Legacy?

Man-Centered Gospel

The Righteousness Of Christ

God's Call On Your Life

How Can This Be?

The Power Is Not From Us

It's Who You Have

The Chains Of Bitterness

The Starting Point

Be Bold For God

Forgiving Dad

What Is God Asking Of You?

Flesh Shattering Faith

Shaken For God's Glory

The Noise Of Life

Saved From Ourselves

God's Grace Is Greater

Run To That Bible

Is God's Word Enough?

Jesus Is The Only Answer

Who Or What Are We Governed By?

The Great Equalizer

Disobedience Has Power

Run To God In Your Storm

God Will Interrupt You

Does Your Pain Reveal God?

Get People To Jesus

That's The Point Of Your Life

God Must Take The Field

Bold, Fearless, Courage

Wanted:  By God

The Cry Of Your Heart

You Will Have Haters

The Most Pivotal Question

Casual Christianity

If We Bury Our Sin, We Get Buried.

Walking In Holiness

Vulnerable Risk

God's Glory Must Rise Above Me

Jesus Is The Only Way

Jesus Has Overcome The World

What Are You Acquiring?

If I Just......

The Discontent Meter

Where Is The Hunger And Urgency?

Will Jesus Be Enough?

God Is Able!

Run To God's Word

God Is Your Only Hiding Place

Satan's Goal:  Distort The Truth

The Truth Of God's Word

Jesus Is In Total Control

Walking Where God Leads